Knorr 5 Dakikada Humus

Knorr 5 Dakika HumusCombining the unique taste of chickpeas from Anatolia with the hard-to-match hummus consistency, Knorr Hummus is ready to serve in just 5 minutes, without the hassle of boiling the chickpeas and pulsing them through a blender. Anyone can prepare Knorr Hummus, by adding tahini, olive oil and lemon juice, according to their own taste. With its practicality and irresistible taste, Knorr Hummus is not only easy to prepare but also has plenty of benefits. A suitable flavor for those who prefer to consume vegetable protein, Knorr Hummus takes its place on the tables as a protein source with its delicious chickpeas from Anatolia.

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Posted in 2023

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