Dove Hair Therapy Saç Bakım Serisi

Dove Hair Therapy

Dove Hair Therapy line is Dove's first sulfate-free hair care line. The series is also paraben-free. One variant of this series, which consists of two variants, is the Breakage Remedy Anti-Breakage variant and the other is the Hydration Spa Moisturizer variant. Both variants consist of a shampoo and a serum conditioner and provide hair care at the cellular level with all their products. Thanks to the nutrient-lock serum it contains, Breakage Remedy Anti-Breakage sulphate-free series reduces breakage by up to 99% and provides strong, long hair that looks lush. Hydration Spa Moisturizing sulphate-free series, on the other hand, traps moisture in the hair for 1 day thanks to the hyaluronic serum it contains, thus ensuring soft and moisturized hair.

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Posted in 2023

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