Bridgestone Turanza T005

YSU 2020 post4

The pattern of Bridgestone Turanza T005 has been developed to improve wet performance and increase tire life. Turanza T005's pattern provides excellent braking and superior cornering performance on wet ground with its high density grooved edge ducts, while providing fast and effective water discharge with high density shoulder channels.
The Turanza T005 has best-in-class wet braking distance and wet cornering performance compared to the performance of its main competitors in its product line. Turanza T005's stance distance compared to its competitors is on average 2.3 meters shorter, almost 1 car length ....

Average Selling Price: 557 TL (16'')

Posted in 2020

Şenpiliç Marinasyonlu Ürün Serisi

YSU 2020 post15

After the R&D studies carried out, Şenpiliç products still made more delicious by changing the formula for all marinated products. In addition, our Mountain Thyme Chicken Steak product was presented to our customers.

Average Selling Price: 17TL/kg

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Orkid Discreet Profresh Günlük Mesane Pedi

YSU 2020 post11

Orkid Discreet is the daily bladder pad developed specifically for urinary incontinence, combining Orkid's reliable protection and comfort. Absorbs leaks instantly. With the anti-odor system, it traps odors and is not visible from the outside of the clothes. In this way, urinary incontinence is included in the daily lives of women who have problems, without disturbing them.

Average Selling Price: 14,90 TL

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Nescafé 3ü1 Arada ICE

YSU 2020 post1

A brand new product in coffee mixes category. Nescafé 3-in-1 taste, which is loved by consumers, is now cooling on hot summer days. To indulge in this coolness, all you need to do is to mix the coffee mixture with 150 mL of cold water and add some ice if desired.

Average Selling Price: 0,75TL

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Bio-Oil Cilt Bakım Yağı

YSU 2020 post3

Thanks to its new formula, BIO-OIL skin care oil cares for skin against strech marks, blemishes, aging and dry skin. The formula, which has been clinically tested, provides a noticeable reduction in strech marks appearance in 8 weeks.

Average Selling Price: 115.90 TL (125 ML) / 69.90 TL (60 ML)

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NESQUIK Laktozsuz & Şeker İlavesiz Kakaolu Süt

YSU 2020 post8

A first in the Flavored Milk Category from Nesquik®! New Nesquik® Lactose Free & Sugar Free Cocoa Milk is produced with lactose-free milk and no sugar is added. It takes its sweetness from natural sugars that come from lactose-free milk. It does not contain any sweeteners and colorants. It is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or want to balance their daily sugar consumption.

Average Selling Price: 2,45 TL

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Petrol Ofisi V/Max Kursunsuz 95 Benzin ve V/Max Motorin

YSU 2020 post13

Thanks to Active 3 technology, Petrol Ofisi V / Max fuels clean the soot accumulated in the engine up to 100% in 1 tank of fuel intake. It protects the engine by preventing the formation of new soot from the first use. Working with full efficiency, the engine saves up to 4%. The claim has been proven to save up to 4% with the actual road tests conducted in Turkey. In addition, all benefits have been tested in independent laboratories and approved by ITU (Istanbul Technical University).

Average Selling Price: Standard fuel prices

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